We create tattoos for music, arts, sports, fundraising or any other special event, brand or company promotion. This is a new and original way to let your brand speak for itself, stand out in the crowd, surprise your clients, event guests or bring together your employees under one uniting symbol or slogan.

Zetattoos has a wide range of experience in providing high quality temporary tattoos for brand names such as: “Laima”, “Corona”, “Swedbank”, “Adidas”, “Tele2”, “Olympic Committee of Latvia”, festival “LAMPA”, club “FIRST”, “Mozaīka” etc.

Corporate customers can order temporary tattoos in different sizes as a separate sticker or as whole tattoo sheet in one or many colors, gold, silver, iridescent, neon etc., the variations of color combinations are plenty. We produce tattoos from our client designs as well as provide design services for those who need it.

Production time for each project is different, it depends on tattoo design, colors, size and order amount, usually it takes 2-3 weeks to get it to your door. Each order is processed individually and we will provide you with the most convenient offer for each request.

If you want to surprise your guests with a tattoo station in your event, Zetattoos team will gladly tattoo every guest or advise how to create your own station by providing a special selection of tattoos from our stock or your custom design tattoos.

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