Our brand Zetattoos (orig. “Zeltīte tattoos” meaning Golden Princess) has been created for our joy and for those who love to celebrate life by adding a sparkle to each moment. Every customer, every event and idea is worth our unique and personal approach – write to us at zeltitetattoos@gmail.com to find out more about our cooperation options!

Corporate clients

Create unique tattoos for your music, art, sports, creative and any other special events, or create a unique promotion for your company or brand – custom tattoos are an innovative way to bring the joy to your customers and spread brand awareness. You can also use the tattoos as a special symbol within your company team. More info

Corporate events

You can have a Zetattoos tattoo workshop for your colorful summer party or fancy Christmas ball with tattoos from zetattoos.com collection or your own custom design. Temporary tattoos are applied in several seconds and will add a special sparkle to any occasion.

Theme parties

Among our clients we have a wide range of those who know how to enjoy the life – from crazy bachelorettes, fancy weddings and posh B-day parties on yachts to active outdoor events and carnivals. You can have a Zetattoos tattoo workshop at your event or we can provide you with a special selection of tattoos and tips for your own tattoo station.

Kids parties

Shiny stickers are not made only for stylish grown-ups, when it comes to our little ones it’s one of the most favorite activities in every kids’ party!
You can create a special theme or combine designs from zetattoos.com and let the kids go wild in their creativity with shiny, glow in the dark, colorful nontoxic and skin friendly tattoos.

Custom design orders

If you want to make custom tattoos for your company, event or personal use, we offer custom design tattoo services. You can find more info here


If you are planning to purchase more than 30 pieces of Zetattoos stock tattoo sheets for your personal use or to distribute our production in your salon, shop or stand, we offer special cooperation options for that. Email us at zeltitetattoos@gmail.com to find out more.

Fashion and media

Temporary tattoos have gained popularity among celebrities and stylists creating top notch photoshoots and content for lifestyle magazines. We offer different options for cooperation and are always happy to be a part of great projects, ideas and quality content. Drop a line to us about your cooperation idea.